6 Way Adjustable Height Orthopedic Pillow
6 Way Adjustable Height Orthopedic Pillow

6 Way Adjustable Height Orthopedic Pillow

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  • CUSTIMIZED FOR YOU:Adjustable-height orthopedic pillow can be customized to suit your exact body type and sleeping style
  • SIX WAY MEMORY FOAM PILLOW:6-way contoured memory foam layer design for optimal neck support height and comfort:
    • Low:Dual-height contoured layer + thin foam layer. Perfect for back or stomach sleepers, or side sleepers who prefer a low profile pillow.
    • Medium:Dual-height contoured layer + thick foam layer. Suits side sleepers with small to medium body sizes
    • High:Dual-height contoured layer + both thick and thin foam layers. For side sleepers with larger body sizes
  • ALOE VERA COVER:Unique Aloe Vera cover features side and bottom adjustment panels to perfectly adapt to all three layer combinations
  • Medium support