BIOS Living Deluxe Folding Lightweight Walker with Wheels
BIOS Living Deluxe Folding Lightweight Walker with Wheels
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BIOS Living Deluxe Folding Lightweight Walker with Wheels

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The double button folding walker was created for people that require extra stability and support. Its unique U-shape design allows users to bring the walker close to assist in standing. 


  • Lightweight construction
  • 5" front wheels
  • Comfortably contoured hand grips
  • 1 year warranty


  • Width with Wheels: 26” / 66 cm 
  • Adjustable height: 31½” - 38” / 80 - 97 cm 
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs / 136 kg 


    • 3 walker accessory pouches
    • 2 x rear gliding skis

    Model: 56023

    The Right Fit:
    Make sure your walker is completely open before you walk with it and ensure the walker is locked in place and the frame is rigid. It is important that you adjust your walker to a height that is high enough to hold comfortably.

    1. With your arms resting at your sides adjust the walker so that the handles are at the height of the wrist.
    2. With your hand placed on the hand-grip, your elbow should be flexed 15˚- 20˚.
    3. If you find that you have to stoop down or bring your arms up to reach the walker, adjust the legs to find the best height.

    Walking With Your Walker:

    1. Place your hands equally on either side of the walker. This will distribute your weight evenly across the walker and make it safer for the walker to support you when you move.
    2. Push the walker and move it in front of you a distance equal to one footstep, aligning the back legs of the walker with your toes.
    3. Step into the frame of the walker with both feet, keeping both hands firmly on the walker’s hand grips.