Cervical Pillow with Memory Foam

Cervical Pillow with Memory Foam

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  • Contoured to ergonomically support the natural alignment of your neck for outstanding comfort while you sleep
  • Heat and pressure sensitive memory foam gently cradles your head and neck, changing shape as you move to provide responsive support all night long
  • Designed to decrease morning pain and stiffness resulting from poor neck support
  • Helps you maintain proper cervical alignment by filling in the natural contour of your neck without lifting or tilting your head whether you sleep on your back or side
  • Designed to assist in the relief of neck pain, shoulder tension and associated headaches
  • A larger or smaller contour provides a choice for the most comfortable and supportive height
  • Composed of hypoallergenic polyurethane foam
  • Includes a machine washable pillow cover with nylon zipper
  • Fits any standard size pillowcase