Crutch Comfort Air Cushion

Crutch Comfort Air Cushion

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      • The most comfortable crutch air cushion on the market
      • Sharply reduces arm pit pressure and discomfort
      • Reduces healing time by increasing rehabilitation compliance
      • Hand pump included
      • Weight capacity 300 lbs

Instructions for use:

    • Locate air valve on the inside of the Crutch Comfort Air Cushion and insert pump into valve.
    • It should take approximately about 7 pumps when using the full length of piston travel. If the pad is too firm, release a small amount of air by squeezing the valve.
    • Remove pump, close cushion valve and ensure valve is pushed into the pad.
    • Ensure valve cover is completely pushed down or air leakage could occur
    • Place cushion over upper crutch pad and push ALL the way down.
    • Attach velcro like strap