Shoulder Shield

Shoulder Shield

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  • The Shoulder Shield AC Protector allows athletes with separated shoulders to return to contact sports sooner with added protection to the injury site. You'll play with more confidence on the field or ice knowing that the Shoulder Shield will help absorb the crunches and blows you'll take on game day. 

    • Protective foam pad included
    •  A relief area can be cut out of the foam pad if desired 
    • Fits under shoulder pads without adding excess bulk
    • 2" x 36" non-elastic webbing for abduction and some rotation control
    • Elastic cover strap adds compression and secures the pad over the AC injury
    • 3 mm neoprene is thin, lightweight, and conforming
    • Fits left or right shoulder
    • BONUS - 3" x 12" elasticized compression strap for added pressure on AC area (not shown)