ToronTek E400 Fingertip Oximeter
ToronTek E400 Fingertip Oximeter
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ToronTek E400 Fingertip Oximeter

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ToronTek-E400 pulse oximeter has the most sophisticated technology among all finger-tip pulse oximeter models. There are two main unique features to this product. The first is the devised visual and audio alarm function. The high and low levels can be set for both SPO2 saturation (oxygen saturation) and pulse rate. If reading s falls out of those limits, the alarm is triggered.
The second feature is the built-in memory enabling device to record up to 24 hours of continuous data. The PC software (only available for windows OS) will enable the user to transfer the data to computer and generate customizable reports with all the details including the time and recording levels.
ToronTek-E400 has built-in battery which can be easily charged by connecting to electricity or through USB port. The USB Cable and wall charger are included in the package.
This device display has the latest technology off OLED screen. The display rotates in 4 different directions with a click of a button. The display has the (SpO2, PR, Bargraph, and Pleth waveform)
Package includes: The main unit, Neck-strap, USB cable, Wall-charger, manual, software mini disc
Inner flash memory storing up to 24 hours of data; Analysis software include in the package (Windows PC only) for sleep study; OLED display (SpO2, PR, Bargraph, and Pleth waveform); Automatic power-off after 5 seconds when finger if out; Fast, accurate, continuous readings; Anti-reflective screen for maximum readability; Alarms (auditory and visual) when pulse rate or SpO2 falls below set levels; Easy to carry neck cord included; battery level indicator on screen, Pulse sound option; USB interaction with computer